The Williamsons of Widnes

A Family of Many Blessings and Gifts






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Archbishop O'Donnell 1897-1980


1910 - Women Journey to Canada


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20th Century Histories
- A Nolan's Story Of Widnes

-A Summer in Bella Bella

- Ashley & Eileen Cooper
- Letter to Jimmy O'Donnell
- Leslie and Mary McLellan
- Nelson & Doris Chamberlain

- Monica Hopwood
-Nicholas & Charlotte Williamson

- Nicholas & Florence Williamson

- Phyllis Williamson

- Sydney and Muriel Williamson
- Michael and Ruth Nolan


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     Mona Hopwood (nee Williamson) 105th Birthday - John & Ellen Williamson Family ca 1918








 Syd Williamson & Ford's -Widnes -1918     Aunt Mary McLellan (nee Williamson) with Sons and Daughters ca 1960