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Robert Williamson 1869-1941 and Elizabeth Teasdale 1874-1944

Our thanks to Helen Jones (nee Duggan) and Joan Duggan (nee Tague) for researching this background information on the life of Robert Williamson the youngest son of Mary Ann and Robert Williamson and of his wife Elizabeth Teasdale.

Robert Williamson was born on September 2, 1869 in Runcorn, Cheshire, England.  He was the youngest of his siblings, Thomas, John and Phyllis Williamson, who in 1881 lived on Egerton Street. 

His mother Mary Ann (nee O'Donnell) became a widow when Robert was very young, as his father Robert Williamson Sr. died after a shipwreck off the coast of Ireland sometime during the mid-1870's.  His family moved to Runcorn from Liverpool, across the River Mersey from Widnes, after the marriage of his parents in the early 1860's.  Robert died November 11, 1941 after the amputation of a leg

Elizabeth Teasdale was born in 1874 in Lancaster, Lancashire.  Her parents were John and Mary Jane Teasdale.  Elizabeth was one of two children with a sister named Sarah b.1878.  Unfortunately, we do not have a photo of Elizabeth or more photos of Robert.
                       Robert Williamson c. 1910
Robert and Elizabeth were married first in a Registry office, and later at St Peter's Church in Lancaster, when Elizabeth became a Catholic at in 1902.  They had 3 children none of whom survived more than 6 months.

While we have a short history of Robert's parents Robert and Mary Ann Williamson that is available through the link provided under the FAMILY INFORMATION column on this page, we do have some basic data of Elizabeth's parents, grandparents and siblings gathered from various British Census records.  it is as follows:

1841 Census

Elizabeth's grandfather, Thomas Teasdale is born about 1821 at Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, UK.  He lived in the Kendal area of the Lake District, described as a Chemist (perhaps not as we know chemist in the UK at this time).

1851 Census

Thomas is now living in Lancaster married to Ann.  He is an Overseer in a cotton mill.  His son John, Elizabeth's father is about 3 years old.

1861 Census

Thomas and Ann Teasdale live at 14 Factory Hill in Lancaster.  Elizabeth's father John now has 6 siblings including is 2 sisters Elizabeth and Sarah.

1871 Census

The family still live at Factory Hill in Lancaster, however, Thomas now works on the railway and John age 23, is a blacksmith.

1881 Census

John Teasdale, Elizabeth's father, is now living at 8, George Street and married to Mary Jane (born 1850 in Lancaster).  They have 2 daughters, Elizabeth 7 and Sarah 3.

1891 Census

Elizabeth Teasdale is described as a dressmaker and still lives with her parents.

1901 Census

Elizabeth is dressmaking from home --- age 26, with her parent in George Street Lancaster.
Robert is living in Monmouth Street, Lancaster with his mother Mary Ann and brother in-law Alex Hardie ( his late sister's Phyllis' husband) plus his niece Mary Josephine Hardie age 4.  Robert is described as a varnish maker aged 31.

1902 Marriage Records

Elizabeth marries Robert Williamson in Lancaster

1911 Census

Elizabeth and Robert now live in London in Brock Row, Plaistow East, West Ham, London.  Robert is described as a varnish maker (as mentioned in the 1901 census).

1920 Death Certificate

of Robert's mother Mary Ann states Robert as present at her death in Lancaster.  He is living at 138 Muslin Street Newton Hyde, Lancashire.

1941 Death

Robert dies in Lancaster after the amputation of a leg,  he was 72 years old.

1945 Death

Elizabeth died in Lancaster at the end of 1944.  She was 70 years old.

None of their 3 children survived beyond 6 months.