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The old Borough of Widnes was home to many Irish families who immigrated and populated this area near Liverpool on the Mersey River.  We are proud to be descendants of some of these wonderful industrious people many of whom arrived during the mid 19th century.


The story of this special Williamson family covers the period 1828 through to the present time.   We do not, as yet, have family genealogy and histories prior to 1750.  New information is added                      Transporter Car (1905)               when it becomes available.


The genealogical background of family sources appears to be initially European suggesting Ireland and the Shetland Islands during 19th Century followed by further introduction of related people and families from England, Wales, Denmark, Canada, United States, Malaysia and China.


While the family story mirrors the ups and downs of every family, it does offer facts and stories that give it  a special history recounting its faith, talents, careers, experiences and alliances over the 18th, 19th, 20th and into the 21st centuries.  An array of careers such as farmers, priests, sailors, teachers, shopkeepers, musicians, cowboys, lawyers, judges, politicians, the military, the courts, authors, poets, news reporters, editors, academics and  technologists,                         The Three Bridges (1961)          healthcare  workers plus many more who represent the family's diversity over the past few centuries.


We welcome further information concerning this family's history from descendants and friends who may wish to share it with us.  Please contact the Web Master


Victoria Road c. 1928



Boxed Area - John Williamson - Clothier- 74 Victoria Rd


         The Old Police Station Victoria Road


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